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The Legends of Anglerre RPG takes the Starblazer Adventures iteration of the Fate system and adapts it for the fantasy genre.

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What exactly are advances in FATE?

I'm looking through my copy of Legends of Anglerre for this, and also searched the Spirit of the Century SRD, and I'm completely stumped as to exactly what an "advance" is. In both instances the terms ...
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Legends of Anglerre, and FATE, skill questions

In a follow up to my last question, I'm trying to now decipher some inner working of skills in general. First and foremost, I saw the skill system in Dresden Files RPG, which has a skill stack rather ...
6 votes
2 answers

Legends of Anglerre chargen questions

I looked over Legends of Anglerre's explanation of quick character generation and it doesn't seem to exactly explain what power scope is covers. What characters does it allow? Additionally, I am not ...