The 12th-level Path of Destruction spell, Sphere of Destruction, takes 30 Zeon to cast, for an effect that does 30 Base Damage (+5 per an Added Effect).

The Prometheum Exxet introduces an effect, Power Boost, which "increases the number of Zeon points powering the wielder's spells (the listed amount is added on to the total Zeon, without cost to the character)."

If I have an item with Power Boost 30 or 40 (which exists, and is oddly attainable in my party...), can I then 'infinitely' (subject to not fumbling my magic projection roll etc. etc.) cast Sphere of Destruction (or indeed, any number of other spells that have a cost of 40 or less)?

Furthermore, in the case of Sphere of Destruction specifically, is this as combat-effective as I think it is (especially with the 40 Zeon variant)?

The wording of the Power Boost bonus is replicated below.

Zeon +X: The amount of Zeon added to the spell when the wielder casts it. For example, a spell that normally costs 50 Zeon points to cast would only cost the caster 30 points if used with an item with a +20 Zeon Boost. This power does not work for High Magic or Divine Magic spells.


So, this isnt quite the answer that you're looking for, but my group saw similar issue with power boost, as it seemed disproportionately powerful as written.

Our ruling was... You still need to accumulate the Zeon required to cast the spell. The artifact refunds it back to your pool afterwards, similar to the unlimited Zeon meta-magic in the Arcana Exxet.

The answer that you're looking for however, as written does indeed do what you think it does. I still think it may be mistranslated though.


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