Okay, I'm playing a Tiefling Fire-oriented mage with the Infernal Prince theme, Hellfire Blood feat and Pyromancy school Apprentice bonus. With all of that, my fire attacks get +2 atk and +2 dmg. I also have a +2 magic sword (multiclassed as a Swordmage to use swords as implements). Because of this, I get a +4 to both attacks and damage to fire attacks.

My questions (I've looked around online, but can't get a clear answer) are: Do my Conjurations and Summonings also get the +4 attack and damage? I know that Flaming Sphere's standard attack gets them, but does the 'foes adjacent to the sphere at the start of their turn take 1d4 + INT mod fire damage.' get the +4 damage. bonus? What about Fire Warrior and Magma Beast? Do they get the +4 attack and +4 damage. whenever they attack?

Thanks in advance.


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This is basic "how do I read 4e" stuff. Things that are relevant here (and there is a lot going on in this question so I'll try to handle it all) are:

  • If the power with which you conjure a conjuration has the implement keyword, then all of its attacks get the benefits of your implement. All of its powers work with your bonuses as if you were the one making the attack (because you are);
  • If a power or effect applies to a damage roll you must roll die as part of the damage expression for it to apply;
  • If a power or effect says "on a hit" then you must be rolling an attack roll for it to apply.

That's basically it. To look at the specific cases you're examining:

  • Fire Sphere's aura damage is a damage roll, but not an attack. So you get bonuses to damage rolls, but not where it says "when you hit";

  • Your Fire Warrior and Magma Beast will both benefit from all the effects you listed.


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