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Does Mass Suggestion spell end if the caster dies? [duplicate]

Unlike regular Suggestion, Mass Suggestion does not require concentration nor does it require the caster to be in particular range after the spell has been invoked. What would happen if the caster ...
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Does the "damage for disobedience" effect from the Geas spell end when the caster dies? [duplicate]

Situation Some NPCs were under the influence of the geas spell cast by a pair of Lamias. The NPCs were commanded (1) to rebuild some buildings in a town to further the Lamias' evil goals and (2) to ...
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If i die while my chill touch is in effect what happens? [duplicate]

If I cast chill touch on my enemy, it says they can't heal until my next turn. If I am killed before my next turn, I don't have a next turn, so my next turn never happens. Does the chill touch no ...
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What happens to spells (buffs, curses, etc) that are active on you when you die?

Let's say I have a Wizard. I cast mage armor on myself. Nasty kobolds kill me with their traps. Luckily, I have a cleric who (for sake of this question) can cast breath of life, at will. He "raises"...
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What happens to the target of a "permanent" True Polymorph spell when its caster dies?

The description of the spell says specifically that after the caster has maintained it's concentration for an hour, the spell can be dispelled. The transformation lasts for the duration, or until ...
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If a creature was flying via the Fly spell and dies, does it continue flying?

The Fly spell states: You touch a willing creature. The target gains a flying speed of 60 feet for the duration. When the spell ends, the target falls if it is still aloft, unless it can stop the ...
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If a creature is True Polymorphed into a Wight that uses its Life Drain ability to raise zombies, do they stay controlled if True Polymorph ends?

Say you have a high-level wizard that can cast True Polymorph, and they turn into a Wight. They then use the Wight's Life Drain action, and manage to create a few zombies. Let's assume the Wizard does ...
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When you use the Clone spell, will the command of Undead minions transfer to the clone?

I am currently playing in 5e campaign and a question came up regarding the transferable of command of undead servants. My Necromancer wants to live forever but not be a lich, so naturally the idea is ...
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After death & reincarnation does a wizard need to recast Find Familiar? Does he or she get the previous one or a 'new' one?

A wizard dies - but his familiar escapes unharmed. He &/or she (the wizard) is Reincarnated, via the spell. He &/or she gains a new race with new abilities. Basic skills, proficiencies, ...
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Are there rules specifically applicable to water animated by Shape Water found somewhere other than the spell description?

There is a lot of information missing from the second bullet point of the Shape Water spell that it seems to me is essential to running the spell as a DM, and consequently essential to understanding ...
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