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Savage Worlds - Understanding the effects of Shaken

By the original formulation of the rules, a Shaken character begins their turn with a Spirit check or spending a Benny to remove the condition. Upon success, the condition is removed, but without a ...
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What are the ways I can help my ally recover from Shaken?

First off, Pinnacle Entertainment Group changed the way that Shaken works back in May 2015. Now it only requires a simple success (TN 4) to get out of Shaken, and there is no longer a "recovered from ...
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If Shaken during your round, do you immediately roll to un-Shake?

No, you get to (have to) attempt to remove Shaken only when your action comes up. On their action[1], a Shaken character must attempt to recover from being Shaken… (SW Deluxe, p. 68; see my ...
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