Master Scrivener, the 10th-level feature of Order of Scribes wizards, is described as follows (TCoE, p. 78):

Whenever you finish a long rest, you can create one magic scroll by touching your Wizardly Quill to a blank piece of paper or parchment and causing one spell from your Awakened Spellbook to be copied onto the scroll.

The spellbook must be within 5 feet of you when you make the scroll. The chosen spell must be of 1st or 2nd level and must have a casting time of 1 action. Once in the scroll, the spell’s power is enhanced, counting as one level higher than normal. You can cast the spell from the scroll by reading it as an action. The scroll is unintelligible to anyone else, and the spell vanishes from the scroll when you cast it or when you finish your next long rest.

Obviously, the best would be to make it a 2nd-level scroll, thus getting a 2nd-level spell upcast to 3rd level.

But say you wanted a benefit that only a 1st-level spell had (say, Magic Missile's automatic damage). Could you copy a 2nd-level version of that spell into the scroll, and then the scroll would let you cast it at 3rd level? Or could you only copy the 1st-level version of the spell, for a final result of 2nd-level Magic Missile?


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In this case, Magic Missile would be a second level spell.

The Scriveners ability allows you to copy a spell out of your spell book onto a scroll, and it is treated as one level higher than normal. The normal spell level for Magic Missile is level 1, and is only boosted to level 2 when cast using a level 2 slot. Since you aren't casting it with a level 2 slot, only its base level of 1 is used, bumping it to level 2 spell on the scroll.

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