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RMFRP or the Rolemaster Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying is a version of Rolemaster RPG by Iron Crown Enterprises. This tag includes the systems published after RMSS aka the Rolemaster Standard System, but not including the reissue of RMSS under the name Rolemaster Classic.

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Does Rolemaster Unified promote a diverse range of humanoids and value their innate abilities?

I am just reading the latest edition of Rolemaster, called Rolemaster Unified and its really cool, copyright 2022. There are concerns however about one new inclusion, called 'Talents' overpowering a ...
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Blocking and parrying with two weapons

I've been mastering a game of MERP where my PCs didn't take much care about protecting themselves and attacked at full force each round, only subtracting the Defensive Bonus from their shields from ...
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What is the 'Adrenal Evasion' skill?

This skill is listed in the Rolemaster Office character builder software under the Martial Arts - Combat Maneuvers section, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE. Is it the same as Adrenal Defense (but ...
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Equation to generate Rolemaster combat tables results

Rolemaster combat tables present very different results depending on armor type and weapon, but are those results generated by some type of equation or algorithm? Maybe a different equation/algorithm ...
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Does Sudden Light depend on which way the victims are facing?

I've been discussing how this level 5 spell from the Light Law list should work with my GM and we've both come up with different conclusions. I was hoping to find some sort of clarification. The ...
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Tree-like abilities system for Rolemaster

One of the things I like less from Rolemaster is that all you know from one thing can't be applied to another, and, at the same time, you can not specialize in something. You either know One-handed ...
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