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The fastest way to remove bones from a man

I'm likely going to be playing a human necromancer in an upcoming return to our Out of the Abyss campaign. My character is morally "scrambled" at the best of times, and has no qualms about raising the ...
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Scaring a wyrmling into adulthood

If a dragon wyrmling were repeatedly subjected to ghosts using Horrifying Visage over a week, would it grow into a young or even adult dragon? Horrifying Visage: [...] If the save fails by 5 or ...
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What is considered an object?

In the PHB, on page 193, the Use an Object action is described: Use an Object You normally interact with an object while doing something else, such as when you draw a sword as part of an ...
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Can a Mimic mimic another creature?

A mimic is a fun monster, and essential in any good Dungeon. As you look around the room, your eyes immediately fall on a large, ornate chest, sitting on a small plinth, a faint beam of sunlight ...
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Can you cast polymorph on a dead thing?

Can you polymorph a dead creature? If so, would the wounds sustained by the target's original form appear on the polymorphed form? A possible scenario would be you're hunting a stag on the king's ...
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Does Power Word Kill kill druids in wild-shape?

Power Word Kill is a 9th level spell that "compel[s] a creature to die" as long as it has less than 100 hit points. If this is cast on a druid in wild-shape form with less than 100 HP, does the druid ...
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How can I teleport with an unwilling creature?

It will happen sometimes that my party has captured and subdued a bad guy that we don't wish to kill (but do want to keep with us for interrogation or etc purposes). The bad guys are generally very ...
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Can monsters enter the area controlled by a character who is playing dead?

Normally in combat, you can neither move through a hostile creature's space (unless there is a big size difference or you use special optional actions like Overrun), nor can you end your movement in ...
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Can objects with a spell effect pass through Leomund's Tiny Hut?

So here's the situation: I'm chilling inside a tiny hut I cast earlier, and some of the other party members are right outside. No one is in danger, and then someone does something to cause an attack ...
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What are the rules around picking up and carrying bodies?

Suppose that a PC wants to pick up an unconscious or dead body in a battle and carry it: What kind of action is it to pick it up? Does it take a whole action or can it be done as a "free object ...
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If a Druid sees an animal’s corpse, can they Wild Shape into that animal?

The Druid’s Wild Shape feature says: you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before. However, if a Druid sees the creature’s corpse, can they turn into ...
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What happens if you feed a potion to a dead (not unconscious) creature?

What happens if you feed a potion to a dead (not unconscious) creature? Specifically, could you shrink a corpse by force feeding it a Potion of Dimunition? My gut says there's a reason potions ...
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What does carrying capacity do in combat?

Does a good carrying capacity have benefits in combat, besides how much you can carry? For example, does it give advantage on picking things up or grappling?
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Do you have hit points while dead?

There are a few effects in D&D 5e that cause a creature to die without regard to its hit points. One of them is the exhaustion condition, which has the effect of "Death" on a character ...
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Can a corpse be stored in Leomund's Secret Chest?

The description of the spell Leomund's Secret Chest states the following: You hide a chest, and all its contents, on the Ethereal Plane. [...] The chest can contain up to 12 cubic feet of nonliving ...
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