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Questions tagged [romance]

For questions about romantic relationships and options in RPGs. (See also: the [sexuality] tag.)

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11 votes
4 answers

Do all humanoids have a sex drive?

This question came up when I was using XGE's This is Your Life section for the first time, to discover and develop my kobold's backstory... rolling a 24 in Life Events which would have left me married....
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Is there a way for a same-sex couple to have biological offspring?

One of my player characters disguised themselves as a prince to marry a princess in order to steal something. Along the way, the PC and the NPC fell in love for real. The problem is that they are both ...
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26 votes
4 answers

Are Yuan-Ti capable of falling in love with each other?

I have a few ideas of an adventure involving a large group of Yuan-Ti. The backstory of the adventure would include two Yuan-Ti falling in love with each other, and hence trying to get whatever is ...
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D&D My character is not interested in flirty NPC [closed]

I’m playing a Drunken Master Wood Elf Monk named Jade. Last session, my party after about a weeks worth of traveling had finally made it to their destination. Our party rested up and then decided to ...
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8 answers

Using succubi as villains in a low-sexuality game

Question I'm seeking expertise regarding using iconically sexual creatures without leaning on that nature. Specifically, one of the players in my group has a backstory that prominently features ...
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Was Sallah the husband of Adrian Eldrich before?

From NetherWar #2: The Pentagram Peril The event’s guest of honor is Sallah, Adrian Eldrich’s surviving partner. A handsome older Egyptian man, he retains legal control of his departed husband’s ...
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34 votes
3 answers

How can I balance slightly erotic roleplay and story based roleplay?

With the epidemic, me and my girlfriend ended up unable to have much contact (not even calls since her roommates are always in the house and it would be really awkward with them.) As a result we have ...
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How can a Bard persuade a lot of NPCs to join their harem? [closed]

We're playing 5e. My max Charisma 3rd level Minotaur Bard asked me how he would go about creating a harem for himself out of NPC's. He was asking me about just rolling charisma for everyone, and I had ...
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11 votes
2 answers

What are pitfalls I should be aware of with NPC/PC romantic relationships?

I will be running Rise of Tiamat as a sequel to a summer campaign I ran (which was not Hoard of the Dragon Queen). At the end of the campaign two of my PCs, a Bard and a critical role gunslinger, ...
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Marrying two of your own characters [closed]

I am a normal RPer and writer who’s in their first D&D campaign. I want to make it so that my next two characters are a married couple who are roaming the lands and picking up jobs as they search ...
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70 votes
13 answers

What are the rules for PC-PC seduction attempts?

Last session we came to a very weird situation. Now, its outcome was meaningless and we argued friendly and politely, having fun and settling the matter with ease, but it's likely it will happen again ...
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53 votes
8 answers

How common is homosexuality in the Forgotten Realms?

For whatever roleplaying reason, I've decided that my Male Human Wizard is gay. After an exhausting week of dungeon crawling, he's heading down to the nearest medium to large-sized city for some R&...
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19 votes
4 answers

As a DM, is it improper of me to flirt with one of my players "off the clock"?

(I'm not sure if this belongs here or in interpersonal.SE; I decided to post here because I hope that others may have first- or second-hand experience.) The premise is simple: in my weekly 5e ...
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4 answers

Dealing with in-game love interests between PCs

So, following a previous question about dealing with love interests in a 1-on-1 game this has been brought into our current game. It was one thing to have it in our one-on-one game, but now we have 2 ...
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11 votes
7 answers

How should I deal with a fellow player's sudden decision that affects my character? [closed]

My fellow player and I had started a 5e campaign with the plan that our two characters would be childhood friends that would eventually start a romance together. It worked well for a while, and I'll ...
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Tips for flirting with NPC [closed]

I play a character that's currently in love with an NPC, but it's not working. I wanted some hints about what to do, and what to say (gestures, actions, etc.) to make him fall for me. Apparently he ...
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25 votes
4 answers

What do I roll for seduction?

I plan to play a bard who is very seductive, somewhat of a Casanova. Do I roll persuasion, performance or some other skill check to determinate the outcome? Our game is less dungeon-delving and more ...
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12 votes
3 answers

My PCs are getting distracted from the main storyline, focusing on their own ventures instead

Ok, I say PCs... but I actually mean PC. I am running a 1-player D&D 5e game for a friend (let's call her Jane), as a way of introducing them to the game. It was only meant to be a "non-canon", ...
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2 answers

I'm uncomfortable roleplaying sexuality between my NPCs and my sibling's PC. How do I handle this best?

We have a table with men and women. My sister is playing a promiscuous character that fools around with male NPCs and takes advantage of them and etc. I can easily role play romance and sexual stuff ...
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2 answers

Are romantic tattoos bad luck in D&D?

I'm currently running a 3.5e campaign set in Greyhawk and one of my players, a half-orc fighter, has begun a romantic relationship with one of the NPC's. During some down time, she decided to visit ...
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32 votes
7 answers

How to set up love interests for player characters

A few of my players (2 out of 4 in the current group) would like having a love interest in our campaign. I feel like it's something that we can achieve, as the campaign is not too dark and into "...
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13 answers

Help, a player won't stop hitting on every female NPC!

I wanted to play a female GMPC to guide the party through the story. It was also during this time that one of the characters had died also and been replaced by a new character. Within minutes of ...
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How do I avoid awkwardness or misunderstandings when roleplaying an NPC in a romance?

Our group consists of two couples. One player seems to like romance (which is just fine). This player's character flirted with her husband's character; he played up the fact that his character was not ...
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6 answers

Relationship Mechanics for D&D/Pathfinder?

My Pathfinder/D&D games tend to involve relationships - romantic, friendly, etc. - between PCs and NPCs alike. 3.x only has the Diplomacy mechanic for any kind of relationship mechanic. I'm ...
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How should a GM deal with sexuality in an RPG?

I think it's a matter of fact that since the first moment a player realizes that he or she can interact with someone of the opposite sex romantically within the game, things get hairy. I had my fair ...
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