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Can a pet cat attune to a magical item? [duplicate]

Could I attune a magical item to my pet cat? There don't appear to be any base requirements for attunement.
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Can a tamed owl cast spells from Ring of spell storing? [duplicate]

In a campaign I'm currently in, I want to give my owl that I tamed (the DM allows taming wild animals) a ring of spell storing so it can cast spells. However, before I do so, I wanted to ask: Is there ...
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How can live fire exercises be made safer?

My group is in Waterdeep, and our wizard would love to help train the world-famous griffon cavalry, especially in evading fireballs. That is, he wants to hurl fireballs at them that they need to evade....
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Can a familiar attune and wear or use a magic item?

Is it possible for a familiar to attune to and then wear or wield a magic item?
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Can I attune a Circlet of Human Perfection to my animated skeletons to allow them to blend in and speak?

For those unfamiliar, a Circlet of Human Perfection is a magic item from the Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage adventure (p. 30). Its description reads: The circlet transforms its attuned wearer ...
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How can I use telepathic bond on a donkey?

So, my character has a donkey. I'd like my donkey to be 3 smart, so that I can use telepathic bond to talk to it. There aren't stats for donkeys. There are stats for various horses, and for mules, ...
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Can a ring of spell storing and access to Find spells produce an endless menagerie?

This is looking at what appears to be a somewhat bizarre rules exploit, and attempting to determine if it is, in fact, viable under the rules. Premise We have a Bard who likes having friends - a lot ...
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Do any of the books contain (magic) items for animal companions?

Context An 11th level PC in a game that I DM is a ranger6/rogue3/warlock2. He noticed that his animal companion, a black panther, could use a little boost to her defenses, as she goes down frequently....
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Magic items/spells to talk to and/or disguise my displacer beast kitten

I am playing a Wood Elf Gloom Stalker Ranger, multi-classed with Rogue Assassin. They found an orphan displacer beast kitten and has taken to training the kitten how to hunt and hopes to keep her as ...
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Can beasts benefit from magic items?

Can a non-player beast benefit from a magic item's effects? For example, would a cat that was wearing a headband of intellect get the extra intelligence the item gives?
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Can my familiar use a Ring of Spell Storing?

Can the familiar options from the Pact of the Chain warlock (quasit, imp, sprite, pseudodragon) attune with a ring of spell storing? If so, can I cast a spell requiring concentration into the ring ...
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Can an Awakened creature attune to items?

Question is what the title says. Basically, I have an Awakened Tree that I want to give fire resistance through an item which requires attunement. Since the trees Intelligence is 10 now, it is ...
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How can I improve the survivability of the Beast Master's animal companion?

I am brand spanking new to D&D. I have picked a Beast Master Ranger as my first class and I'm having serious issues with the survivability of the animal companion. I picked a Panther as my pet. I ...
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Can a Tiny Servant use a Wand of Magic Missiles?

Is it possible for a creature created by the tiny servant spell (XGtE, p. 168) to wield and use a magic item, such as a wand of magic missiles?
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Can my Beast Master ranger's baboon animal companion use her Wand of Magic Missiles?

I am playing a Beast Master ranger. My baboon animal companion* obeys commands as best as it can. Can it use a wand of magic missiles? The baboon has hands, and the wand does not require attunement ...
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