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Questions tagged [mecha]

For questions about mecha, giant robots as appear in various RPGs/settings.

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How far would a Boom gun propel a Glitter Boy if the jetpack and anchors were disabled?

The Palladium Rifts Glitter Boy Boom gun accelerates a flechette round of ammo at over Mach One. Normally, laser tipped anchors from the legs drill into the ground and a jetpack provides counter ...
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Movement and action economy in CthulhuTech

I am confused about the way movement works in CthulhuTech, in terms of action economy. First of all, let's assume my character is on foot. Does it cost him an Action to move ? The book would seem to ...
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Mecha movement in CthulhuTech

I am a bit confused about the way mecha movement works in CthulhuTech. First of all, the book lists a "Cautious" speed for each mech, which is usually 1/4 of its normal movement. However, it also ...
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How does reloading and ammo work with CthulhuTech mecha?

In CthulhuTech, how do mecha weapons work with regards to ammo and reloading ? For example, a Laser Cannon has 3 shots and infinite rounds. Does this mean that it needs to spend a full turn reloading ...
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PbtA System Making Custom moves and Classes for Mech Pilots [closed]

I need some help with the mechanics of piloting mechs. I'm thinking about running a post-post-apocalyptic campaign (kind of like Numenera) and would like to have being a mech pilot as a playbook ...
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How can I emulate a piloting skill in Fate?

Let's say I'm running a game of Fate (Core) where my players are the pilots of large to very-large mecha, on the scale of Pacific Rim, Evangelion, or Gundam. I'm planning on the mecha being built as ...
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Optimising a Mech pilot

We are playing a Mutants and Masterminds campaign in the Eureka Seven universe and using R505 Sumner model LFOs. The GM has already statted out the mecha in the system. We get to customize it a little ...
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How do I balance game interactions between a giant mecha that can level cities and its pilot?

I have had recurring trouble with a subject I like, and would like to implement into my games, but can't find a good way to do so: mechas (big huge robots) From a system point of view, it is usually ...
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