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Resource with Monsters Listed by Type?

D&D Beyond catalogues all published monsters, and can be filtered by creature type. The monsters page at D&D Beyond does exactly this. The large circles at the top allow you to filter the ...
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Resource with Monsters Listed by Type?

D&D Beyond is probably the most fully-featured list for this purpose, as in Thomas’s answer; you don’t even have to buy the Monster Manual there if you just want to search for a monster, but I don’...
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Are there any online virtual tabletops with 2.5D or 3D views?

I am working on something like this, it works with roll20, essentially a large map and isometric assets.
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Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Spreadsheet

since Atomic Think Tank is gone you can find them here Version 1.28 (Excel 97-2003 Compatible) Version 1.28 (Excel 2007)
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