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Is there a way to make a human character that is kept alive by an unfinished task?

From what I read, I assume this character has always managed to escape death (due to a lucky die scoring 10, or any sort of divine intervention) instead of dying-resurrecting over and over. First of ...
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What is the most DPR possible at level 1?

TL;DR: 26.425 DPR vs an AC 13 creature Variant Human Hexblade Warlock with the Inheritor background and Polearm Master feat. We assume 18 in Strength because other answers did so, although V.Human (+2)...
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Any way to activate a spell-trigger item in a rage?

Rage Casting is still the best, “correct” answer to this question. But I did find a couple of other oddball options. Wandstrike, quite possibly Wandstrike is a notoriously awful feat from Complete ...
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What build maximizes reach?

On top of all the options mentioned above, there are two more that I can think of, though neither are permanent. The first is the item Eldritch Claw Tattoo from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything which ...
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