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Seeking Advice on an Artificer Build for a Level 1 Campaign

Cloistered Cleric 1st, ECL 1st Cloistered cleric is the best single-level dip in the game, and can be good for an artificer. Artificer is so strong, though, that it’s both less useful and comes at a ...
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Are there any good-aligned sexuality-related Outsiders that aren't arshea?

Gancanagh (Passion Azata) Male azatas of extraordinary and radiant beauty, gancanaghs are Elysium’s knights-errant, but they are best known as inveterate wooers of mortals and immortals alike. While ...
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How to role play a character with low constitution in DND

What does Constitution mean? The PHB section on using ability scores tells us: Constitution Constitution measures health, stamina, and vital force. Constitution Checks Constitution checks are ...
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How to role play a character with low constitution in DND

Fantastic Flaws Roleplay and rollplay very rarely line up better than when a character has certain attribute based flaws. So when we talk about a lack of Constitution, we must respect what mechanics ...
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Can a 3rd Edition Game use 5th Edition Characters?

Probably, but don't. I have played and run both editions fairly extensively. While the negative answers are strictly correct (the systems aren't compatible) translating a character from 5e to 3e would ...
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How would you go about building a paladin of arshea?

Arshea is an NG deity of liberty, comfort, and sexuality. None of these is incompatible with anything about being a paladin. Lawful good worshippers are a normal and natural part of Arshea’s flock. ...
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