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Can a Shield Guardian have a familiar?

Can it? There are a lot of issues that need to be resolved, to decide. Can the shield guardian even cast find familiar? This is up to the DM. There are arguments for both yes or no. You can get rules-...
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Can a Shield Guardian have a familiar?

No. Not via their Spell Storing feature, anyway. The text says "To do so, the wearer must cast the spell on the guardian.", which implies the spell must target a creature. find familiar ...
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Can a Shield Guardian have a familiar?

I guess so, yeah Rules As Written, it does appear that a shield guardian can cast this spell. The shield guardian probably wouldn't do much with the familiar, since it appears to only take certain ...
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Can a Familiar aid a Rogue's Sneak Attack?

This question was officially answered in the Sage Advice Compendium. Does the familiar of find familiar count as an ally for the purposes of Sneak Attack? A familiar is an allied creature. Its ...
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